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Global Warming, Emerging Science--An internationally acclaimed DVD interviewing dozens of international climatologists and using stunning graphics suitable for 7th grade and up.

Global Warming or Global Governance--A DVD interviewing dozens of scientists and analyst/ politicians who define the real science of global warming and the mammoth political and economic consequences of implementing warming policies.

No Cap and Trade--A series of 5 minute info videos and background information describing the bad science of man-made global warming, wind energy and solar energy.

Discerning the Times--A Christian oriented site featuring ongoing news and a prophecy study relating today's events to the Bible. Note: not well maintained

IPCC Head, RK Pachauri, Resigns from IPCC Due to Legal Issues. Letter to IPCC, February 24, 2015. "I have...taken the decision to step down from my position as Chair of the IPCC some months before completion of my term... For me the protection of Planet Earth, the survival of all species and sustainability of our ecosystems is more than a mission. It's my religion..." NOTE:  There you have it. The IPCC is motivated by religion, not science; something we have been saying for years. There is absolutely no empirical scientific evidence that man is causing global warming. None. The statement by Secretary General Christiana Figueres a couple of weeks ago stating the real purpose of the IPCC and the man-caused global warming myth was to deliberately destroy capitalism. The entire issue is nothing more than a pack of lies.

Islamic Terrorism is the Only thing about Islam that is Woven into the Fabric of our Nation. Eagle Rising, February 23, 2015. President Obama has claimed Islam is ingrained in the history of the U.S. He is right: “The Barbary Muslim pirates habitually preyed on ships from “Christian nations,” enslaving “Christian” seamen in the latter part of the 18th century. “Barbary was Christendom’s Gulag Archipelago.” … Thomas Jefferson believed “that the only effective language to employ against these [Islamic] brigands of the sea was that of force. He never believed in buying peace with them, and actually he was the first President to use force against them.” NOTE: Progressives have always changed history to conform to their twisted ideology. Obama is attempting to do the same thing by claiming Islam has always been an integral part of American History. Islam plays no positive role in U.S. history. Instead, the U.S. has a history of military opposition to Islamic violence and barbarism. The president's belief that jobs and gentile treatment will tame terrorism is a certain road to our destruction.

To learn what drives Obama  and Islamists, as well as why they are so dangerous, get our brand new updated Radical Islam in the House. It is must reading. Now on sale! Get a 45% discount in Introductory Sale here.

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Plundered, How Progressive Ideology is Destroying America

Plundered reveals how progressive ideology infects both political parties that manifests itself in different ways. Progressive ideology has given America a deeply divided nation that is $18 trillion in debt with another $125 trillion unfunded liability that can never be paid. Worse, progressive liberals believe debt is irrelevant so they constantly fight every effort to reign in our debt. If allowed to stay in power, progressives will soon drive us off a financial cliff. In fact, that seems to be what they want. Learn more.


Radical Islam In The House  has been Updated and exposes the shocking penetration of Radical Islam into the Obama administration and our culture. Despite Egypt and the UAE declaring the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization, President Obama and progressives have invited them into every corner of the government to take over the United States. It is perhaps the most dangerous threat to American sovereignty today because no one is aware of it. Most important, stunning Biblical prophecies seem to warn that this virulent antichrist belief system will take over the world. A MUST READ for every American! Get an introductory sale-45% discount  Learn more.

America is at war, and doesn’t even know it. Americans have been indoctrinated by our public education system and the progressive mainstream media to accept progressive ideas as valid, and Islam as a religion of peace. They are not. They are diametrically opposed to the Constitutional Republic established by our Founding Fathers. Right-left politics are bad enough. But this is much, much worse than that. Most Islamists and liberal progressives – this does not include liberals – fundamentally hate capitalism, property rights, your liberty, Christianity and everything else that made America the greatest nation in the history of the world.

Those steeped in progressive and Islamic ideology know that they are "right" and everyone else is wrong. There is no such thing as compromise in either ideology. They may seem to compromise, but it is an illusion. Both ideologies teach adherents to lie. It is merely part of their strategy to eventually win. They have succeeded for decades by relentlessly lying, intimidating, bullying, mocking, demonizing, and even destroying anyone or anything that stands in their way. Their strategy is based on “the end justifies the means,” including class warfare and race baiting.

Progressives and Islamists constantly accuse everyone else of hatred and bigotry in order to hide in plain sight their own hatred, bitterness, intolerance and bigotry that is usually magnitudes worse than those they accuse. They admit amongst themselves that they are at war with the American legal system and tradition so they can implement their utopian/religious ideals of social and environmental justice using the Soviet model (totalitarian) of governance. Both progressives and Islamists are attempting to create international law whereby any negative speech against Islam in general and Mohammed and Allah specifically is hearsay and punishable by imprisonment.

For over a hundred years progressives in both political parties have been manipulated by a global elite to systematically

undermined America’s Constitutional foundation in order to create a world government. They have plundered the wealth of this nation to advance their goals to destroy the very tools of liberty that created the wealth and prosperity America has produced.

Excerpts from Dr. Coffman's speech t Eagle Forum on C-Span

Although things may seem to be as they always have been, that is a deliberately created mirage. Americans can’t see it because our public education and the progressive media has slowly but systematically indoctrinated us for a hundred years to accept the progressive (now Islamist) version of reality. America is in desperate trouble and these progressives/Islamists seem to be planning a complete collapse of this once great nation in the next couple of years.

Liberty in America as established by our Founders is in its death throes. The current “solutions” to our economic woes and high unemployment are actually making America’s economy worse because they are based on an ideology that has always failed. Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy and now Cypress are merely leading the way for what will happen in the rest of Europe and America. Worse, America’s moral fabric is being shredded as Christianity and Judaism are systematically shouted down and extinguished. America is in moral free-fall that is increasingly narcissistic, bigoted and hate-filled; demanding things that tears down rather than builds civilization.

Plundered details how this progressive agenda has slowly but systematically strangled this great nation. Radical Islam graphically details how the Obama administration is allowing Islamists to control essential government agencies and how Biblical prophecies and warnings are literally being fulfilled by Islam.  It details who, why and how it is being done. Early psychiatrists in the 19th century were even then sounding the alarm about progressivism. Progressivism and Islam are a cancer. It is part of a global agenda that is destroying America. Both are evil.

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Radical Islam in the House

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Table of Contents

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